Taihei Hayashiya
Rakugo storyteller
Born in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture, in 1964, Taihei Hayashiya graduated from the College of Art and Design at Musashino Art University in 1987. In 1988, he became a student of the rakugo comic storyteller Konpei Hayashiya. In 1992, he advanced to the futatsume middle rank as a rakugo storyteller, reaching the shinuchi rank as a full master in 2000. His multi-award-winning style of rakugo reinterprets the stories in an accessible and fun way for contemporary audiences, attracting fans both young and old. Hayashiya strives to expand the popular appeal of rakugo through appearances on TV and radio, releasing CDs, and even producing and starring in a movie. He is the executive director of the Rakugo Association as well as a visiting professor at Musashino Art University. He also serves as a tourism ambassador for Chichibu, Ishinomaki, Higashichichibu, and Nagatoro, and a PR ambassador Miyagi Prefecture.