Nadegata Instant Party (NAKAZAKI Tohru + YAMASHIRO Daisuke + NODA Tomoko)
《ルーフトップ・メリーゴーランド NSK ver.》

《Rooftop Merry-Go-Round (NSK Ver.)》
This human-powered, model-sized merry-go-round features bearings in its axis, while in the center is a fictional “city” created with products manufactured by NSK. Monitors display live footage of what is happening in the city, captured by cameras installed inside the merry-go-round.
In cooperation with Miracle Factory

photo: Junpei Kato ©SPIRAL/Wacoal Art Center
Nadegata Instant Party(中崎透+山城大督+野田智子)


Nadegata Instant Party(NAKAZAKI Tohru + YAMASHIRO Daisuke + NODA Tomoko)
This art collective comprises the artists Tohru Nakazaki and Daisuke Yamashiro, and the art manager Tomoko Noda. It creates “pretexts” appropriate for each project’s location and conditions, and involves various collaborators in order to achieve the goals of the project and transform events into a new reality. Its work freely combines documentation, theatrical techniques, installations, and more.