emmanuelle moureaux
100色で彩られた6 メートルもの高さに及ぶ25270個の花モチーフがスパイラルガーデンのアトリウムを埋め尽くし、ベアリングによって規律正しい動きを織り成す壮大な作品です。

《color mixing》Rotating colors. Mixing colors. Moving hearts.
For this spectacular art installation, the atrium of Spiral Garden is transformed by 25,270 flowers in 100 colors, rising 6 meters up into the air and moving with the perfect precision made possible by bearings.

photo: Junpei Kato ©SPIRAL/Wacoal Art Center

フランス生まれ。1996年より東京在住。 emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design主宰。東京の色と街並が成す複雑なレイヤーと、日本の伝統的な仕切りから着想を得て、色で空間を仕切る「色切/shikiri」コンセプトを編み出す。色を大胆に取り入れた建築(巣鴨信用金庫他)、空間デザイン(ABCクッキングスタジオ他)、アート(UNIQLO、ISSEY MIYAKE他)など多数のプロジェクトを手がける。東北芸術工科大学准教授

emmanuelle moureaux
Architect / Designer
Born in France. Living in Tokyo since 1996. Established emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design. Inspired by the colors and layers of Tokyo, she has created the concept of shikiri, which literally means 'dividing (creating) space with colors'. Using colors as her signature, her works extend to a number of projects, including architectural design for Sugamo Shinkin Bank, space design for ABC Cooking Studio, and art installation for UNIQLO and ISSEY MIYAKE. Associate professor at Tohoku University of Art and Design.